Crankshaft Repair

Mechanics can provide crankshaft repairs for tractors of all types. The repairs involve straightening, heat treatment services, and re-machining. Crankshaft failure is very unpredictable; hence, it can happen anytime. This also makes the repair to be more costly. The loss of this crankshaft on a tractor can cause a default on the engine's structures. Farming equipment repair is essential. You can avoid minor or major injuries on the farm if the farming equipment is maintained, repair and checks are done very frequently. 

Indicators for Repair 

Many things can tell you that your tractor's crankshaft needs repair. The sound that comes out of your engine when it is running will tell you if the crankshaft is damaged or not. If the motor produces a knocking sound when it is accelerated, that is a direct warning that the crankshaft needs to be repaired as soon as possible.  

Skill practical machine design will help give you the knowledge that you need concerning the crankshaft or your tractor. If the engine is worn out and rusted instead of being shiny and smooth, then the crankshaft should be taken to a farming equipment machine repair shop for proper checking and a thorough inspection because that is a sign that it is damaged. 

Discoloration of the Crankcase and the Bearing Caps 

It is an obvious sign that the crankshaft has a problem when there is significant discoloration. Typically, this could be an indicator that there is a blockage of the engine oil circulation. The crankshaft should need to be removed, and a proper inspection should be done on it to make sure it is damaged. 

Metal Fillings 

This occurs when the oil filter changes since the old filter must be cut open. Also, when 

the crankshaft is broken. If the crankshaft is bent after being used or even when the crankshaft has been thrown, the rod can possibly be damaged or bent. It can be repaired depending on how it has bent. Lastly, watch out for burnt or gouging as these are signs that the crankshaft needs rectification. 

Repair Services for your Tractor’s Crankshaft 

There are many repair services that a damaged crankshaft of a tractor can undergo. Below are the benefits that the tractor should be given. 

  • Crankshaft straightening is applied to a bent crankshaft 
  • Heat treatment is done to a cracked crankshaft to prevent it from breaking. 
  • Grinding of the crankshaft so that it can fit in and remove minor cracks from the crankshaft of a tractor. Incorrect grinding can also result in a gap in the radius area. 
  • Polishing a burnt or discolored crankshaft 
  • Lubricating a worn-out crankshaft to prevent further friction. Lubrication can also avoid cracking, which results from stressing and vibration. 
  • Leading bearing machining for a pickup or a flogged crankshaft. 
  • Re-chamfering of the oil holes to remove the metal filling that may have entered the oil hole when the process of grinding was taking place 


Tractor repair is vital since it determines its durability. For all agricultural repair services, please give us a call. We have specialists with experience repairing equipment of large varieties, call us today to schedule service.