Grain Handling

Farming equipment is known to have some extraordinary personality traits. Every serious farmer is going to need to put some added thought into his or her equipment. Those who are involved with grain handling will need to know about quality farming equipment to complete every job efficiently. A list of traits to look for in farm equipment include:

·       long-term use or seasonal use

·       access to upgrades (tech)

·       dependability

·       the needed functions

·       back-ups and spares

·       made from quality materials

Any grain handling is going to require a good system and quality equipment if efficiency is the goal.

An overview of Grain Handling

A smooth running system for handling grain is essential because an efficient system will mean less grain moving and added productivity. Less movement of the grain will result in fewer risks in terms of mechanical damages. The person in the role of handling grain will have various standards to uphold along with safety guidelines to follow. This type of position may include the following titles:

·       Operator (grain)

·       Elevator operator

·       Merchandising

·       Inspector

·       Analyst

This type of work is going to involve moving freight, stocking, and general labor duties. This career involves a broad range of categories. General labor is a key theme in this farming industry area. There are facilities that manage and move the grain, this must be done efficiently:

·       Store grain

·       Handle and manage grain

·       Ship bulk agriculture commodities (raw)

The commodities may include wheat, oats, sunflower seeds, barely, soybeans and more.

The Handling of Grain: Needed Equipment

The handling of grain requires some sturdy equipment that is specific to the farming industry. This type of equipment must be in top running order:

Main elevators (platforms)

These are used for lifting grain to a distributor. It will then fall into a spout or a conveyer. The next step, it will go into a silo, bin or a tank

Distributor (platforms)

This is going to provide an opening to the lower part of the distributor (control systems). It does not matter if it is being utilized by cable control, EPC or pipe control

Support towers (bucket elevator)

This is a vertical piece of equipment used in farming. Often leg support towers are at the core of an operation. It is often made out of galvanized steel. The handled grain will need to pass through the leg towers

Drag conveyors (horizontal)

Grain conveyers typically keep the grain flowing into buckets where it is lifted and conveyed to its rightful location. Each system may slightly differ from another especially as technology evolves

Industrial series incline drag conveyers

This is known for moving grain at rapid rates. This is referring to high rates in terms of incline and this is done as it prevents back flow

Unloading drag conveyers (bin)

This is viewed as a very durable solution, which is used in the unloading process

Bucket elevators

These have a defined design. It has the ability to move items in a vertical direction. It travels in a continuous motion via a tail pulley. Items move from the boot area of the elevator.

Farming Success: Proper Equipment Maintenance and Repairs

Every piece of equipment used for farming will need to have good maintaining if success is a goal. If equipment becomes damaged, prompt repairs are necessary. Successful outcomes are the result of well-maintained equipment.