Full Repair Tractor Service

A tractor is an investment in any farm. It is therefore prudent to protect the investment through regular maintenance and repairs to keep the tractor operating smoothly for a long time. However, it is no easy task to repair a tractor. Some forms of truck repair can be done by the owner while others should be left to the professionals who have relevant expertise and knowledge.

Indicators That Your Tractor Needs Repair

Loss of Power

Most tractors run on diesel, which needs to be clean to run efficiently. If your tractor is losing power immediately after starting it up, it might have a fuel problem. Inspect the tank for odd sights or smells that indicate a dirty tank, and always use pure diesel on the tractor.


If your tractor’s engine is overheating, you need to take a break. After cooling, inspect the radiator for coolant. Clean the fins and ensure that there are no leaks from or around the radiator.

Failure to Start

Sometimes the engine fails to start despite turning over; this is an indication of a problem with the fuel. After prolonged use, the lines and filters become sludgy or clogged, which limits the flow of diesel or gas to needy parts, thus limiting truck drivability.

No Turn Over

The engine sometimes fails to turn over indicating a battery issue. Inspect and see if the terminals are not corroded and the cables are intact. If you establish that the terminals and cables are functioning properly, but the problem persists test the battery to ensure that it is functioning well.

Knocking Sound

If the engine produces a knocking sound, it means that it needs to be checked by a professional as this is not a good sign. The problem could indicate an issue with the starter, injectors, or pistons. A seized engine that produces tapping or banging sounds means that you should start budgeting for a new tractor in the near future.

Daily Tractor Maintenance Routine

The following tasks should be done every day to help you catch a problem early and keep the tractor in top-notch condition.

• Visually inspect the tractor

• Inspect the radiator fluid level

• Inspect the drive belt on the fan for tension and wear

• Visually inspect the radiator grill screen and core

• Fill the fuel tank

• Check the oil

• Check the tire pressure

• Check the air filter

Common Tractor Repairs

It is essential to carry out preventive maintenance and truck repair to ensure truck drivability and smooth operation. The following repairs are necessary as they ensure that your tractor functions well at all times.

Sharpening Blunt Blades

Tractors need sharp blades to perform tasks efficiently and effectively. Blades wear down with time, and blunt blades provide lower quality work. Sharpen the tractor blades at least twice a year. If your tractor is the larger model, contact a professional to sharpen the blades to avoid damaging the blades when removing or putting back the blades.

Spark Plug Replacement

There will be directions on the owner’s manual on replacing the spark plugs in the tractor engine. But, there might be problems before the scheduled replacement time, which indicate they need replacing. Some indicators that you need to replace the spark plugs include low performance, low fuel consumption, and hard starts. You can replace spark plugs without professional help by first shutting off the engine, allowing it to cool down, and disconnecting the spark plug wire.