Summer Weather Influences on Crops

The summer months are a time of year that many farmers look forward to. It is the season for crops, which means opportunities for growth and profit. However, it can also be a trying time with hot temperatures and drought conditions. These weather changes affect farming outside of what you may think!

As we know from basic science, water evaporates when heated up. This means there will be less available water in the soil because it has been absorbed by plants or evaporated into the air through heat waves.

It is also the ideal season to do some agricultural repairs to prepare your equipment for another planting season. Tractors should be maintained, fertilizers should be added, and harvest equipment should be checked for problems or damage.

Summer weather influences on crops:

Water Availability in Summer

Water availability for a farm is limited, making it difficult to irrigate plants in hot and dry conditions. Farmers have to find other methods - such as wetting down plants with hoses - so they do not die from lack of hydration; this can lead to different problems like mold building up on leaves and plant stems, which make them susceptible again! It is also a good time for agricultural repairs because it gets too hot during planting season.

Agricultural Repairs

It is also a good time for agricultural repairs because it gets too hot during planting season, so farmers can take care of those jobs now rather than later in the year when they are busy with harvest or other crops.

Crops Can Thrive in Summer

Crops thrive best at temperatures between 55 degrees Fahrenheit (12 C) and 85 degrees F (29C). With the record high temperatures this summer across much of North America - including California, where many fruits are grown - that rule is being broken, and some worry about what will happen to their crop yields and the quality of produce if these conditions continue into fall!

Tractor Maintenance

An agricultural repair that can be done during the summer months are maintenance on tractors. They may require major maintenance and repairs, and there may be parts that need to be replaced.

The most important thing is that tractor parts are in good working order and safe for operators, so they do not need to worry about your tractor-breaking while out in the field! Getting an agricultural repair will help to extend the life of the equipment.

Preventative maintenance such as oil changes, spark plug replacement, air filter blowouts, etc., can prolong tractors' lives by a few years.

Tractor repairs may be necessary if there is an emergency or malfunction with one of these major components: engine/drivetrain (power train), steering system, braking system.

Tractors need to have their fluids checked, such as oil and transmission fluid, tires rotated, filters changed and stored for fall use. They also may require a tune-up or new belts if they have been used heavily this season.

Summer - An Ideal Time for Farming and Maintenance

Summer is the time of year when there are many more opportunities to make money in farming because it is so hot out! It can also pose some risks with water shortages. Careful attention must be taken to not overwork your plants by watering them too often or letting their roots get deprived of moisture from drought conditions.

This season is great for agricultural repairs on all sorts of farm equipment like tractors, fertilizer application, and etcetera. Some items may need to be replaced before the next planting season begins if they have been damaged during previous summers when you were busy working outdoors!