Converting the Common Household Items to Planters

Practicing garden planting is the most convenient way to save on space and improve the home's versatility. According to gardening experts, turning unwanted household items into planters is incredibly easy for everyone. Recycled planters are the best alternatives to clay pots. The agricultural repair of open planters is more straightforward than the complexity of tiny pots.

Before spending cash, you need to consider being part of the team working to reduce waste in the environment. Planting containers are cheap if not free. They can be decorated cheaply then fixed directly at any point within your property.

The Common Household Items That Can Be Converted into Planters

When creating suitable planters, focus more on the potential of each object and less on the intended purpose. Get started with any of the following planter ideas:

The Dresser Drawers

The old drawer can be converted into planting boxes for a horizontal or vertical garden. When filed with enough soil, the item can be used as a vegetable garden. Dresser drawers are naturally deep; therefore, they can hold water for a more extended period, especially for plants with taproots.

When layering it, small holes can be drilled at the bottom to improve the drainage. The wood planter can also be stacked asymmetrically to create a fantastic gardening tower.

Plastic Bottles

Plastic containers are the main environmental pollutants in various parts of the world. The shampoo containers or the water bottles make great planters to fit in small spaces. Many people prefer plastic planters because the bottles are easy to cut. Its decoration also does not need an expert, and it can be structured into various styles.

When converting plastic bottles to planters, create some holes at the bottom. Always cut it using a scissor. After adding gravel and potting soil, plant the seedling and constantly water it. Two holes can be cut at the superior edges to help in suspension. The suspension also creates a line in which the plant can follow through. Use a whole bucket for bigger crops and place it at the ground level.

Old Tires

Old tires are among the planters that respond adequately to all kinds of garden decorations. When over-saturated with eye-catching colors, you cannot make a direct ruling that the planter is an old tire. The upper portion of the tire is cut to expose the planting area.

The lower part is sealed entirely before filling the created space with soil. Spray paint or a wrap is used to decorate the outer side of the tire. Edibles should not be planted on it because they can overheat in the presence of sunlight, thus biodegrading into the soil.

Paint Cans

You can recycle tin cans or old paint cans to plant flowers of every variety and length. The drainage of the paint cans should be established before growing the new plant. The outer part can also be painted or wrapped with a gorgeous material to complement the home décor.

The other household items that can be converted into planters include:

·       Colanders

·       Mason jars

·       Shoes

·       Teapots

·       Wheelbarrows

·       Wine bottles

Conclusion: Creating the Best Planters

The quality of your garden depends on the type of flowers and the effects of the used containers. Always clean the containers thoroughly before conversion. Painting the selected item with different colors or wrapping is a brilliant idea. After drilling small holes at the bottom, cover the surface with fabric.

Ultimately, fill the planters with the right type of soil that is proved to support the growth of your plants. Do some agricultural repair more often to prevent imperfections from slowing plant growth.