Farmers Recommend Reconditioning Plastic Planters Instead of Throwing Away

Plastic planters you get at the store can be kind of like the farming equipment repair business. How? In farming equipment repair, the mechanic keeps all those old parts around just in case he ever needs them again. In the same way, when planting your garden, you save those plastic planters, but as you buy more and more plants, those old containers start to pile up.

You think you will use them when you split your plants or move plants form one area to another, or even when you give a plant away. Even then, those “just in case” planters start adding up, just like old parts do in a farmer equipment repair business. Rather than saving those old plastic planters, here are a few reconditioning planter ideas to put them to use.

Lift Plants to Create Color Focal Points

Keep color in the garden by using overturned containers to lift certain plants above neighboring plants. The color will blend in with the plants because of its dark color.

Use To Disperse Compost or Fertilizer

The small black plastic containers are great for shaking out compost. The hole at the bottom lets you sift fertilizer, insect repellent pellets, and other granules. Just scoop out some and wave it over your garden.

Use as a Covering

There comes a time when you need to mulch, but you do not want to cover your plants. So cover them with the containers as you mulch. Then lift the covers when you have finished.

Use as a Scoop

Need to scoop out dirt, mulch, or fertilizer. Use Liners for Containers with No Drainage

Use As Interior Liners for Ceramic Planters

When pottery or ceramic pots do not have drainage holes, you can use these plastic pots to place plants in, and they will drain into the ceramic pot.

Excellent Protection from Winter Weather

When you know a winter freeze is coming, you can place the pots over your plants and cover them for the night. The next day you can remove the pots, and the plants will be in good shape.

Filler for Large Pots

You want large pots to have as much soil as possible but some large pots become really heavy when you get soil. Overturn a plastic container and then fill it with dirt before you place the plant in. This planter pot will continue to hold water and give the roots room to grow.

Paint and Use as Planters

Use the old pots as pots. If you want you can hide them under other plants, or you can paint them. Add a coat of paint and then a sealant. You can paint shapes or a pattern and make your flower gardens more interesting.

Bottom Line

Because these containers are plastic and take a long time to decompose, you do not want to throw them away. Instead, reconditioning planters for different uses is the way to go. Plastic planters really can come in handy for gardening tasks, and by reconditioning them, you avoid adding more plastic waste to the city dump.