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When was the last time you invested in a professional planter and tractor repair? In this article, we will discuss two of the biggest components of your harvest that need consistent maintenance to ensure you receive the results you desire. These pieces of equipment are needed for two of the most critical times of your harvest. Below we will discuss the important facts of each repair and the indicators to get an idea of when this equipment needs to be serviced.

Planter Repair

When you are preparing for planting season, you need to be confident that your planter is in tip-top shape! This will require a professional inspection to get to the root of any possible issues. Although you might be on top of the classic most common maintenance for your planter such as calibrating seed meters, changing the oil in the engine, replacing sweeps on the field cultivator, etc, you might be missing these often overlooked systems!

 Planter Closing Wheels

If you are seeing looseness in the closing wheel assembly where its arms connect to the row unit in addition to any unusual noises it is a sign that a break makes occur.

Drive Belts

Improper tension and misalignment are the two most common causes of belt deterioration which will lead to a break. One of the top reasons for this is sidewall glazing when the belt is continuously slipping.

Planter Drive Components

Your planter is bound to take on wear and tear. However, make you’re you replace your chain if it becomes rusty stiff, or kinked to ensure no vibrations create an inaccurate planter.

Tractor Repair

Your tractor is bound to need service after years of frequent tilling, towing, and dragging heavy equipment. Routine maintenance services on your tractor from a trained professional can extend your equipment’s lifespan drastically! If you notice extreme wear, cracks, leaks, or loosened parts during your checks, then it may be time to have a technician take a look at what’s going on before any larger repair is needed that will hurt your wallet. This is especially true for mechanical failures, electrical issues, and damage to any parts. When you can identify these issues early on it will prevent other components from getting damaged which will cost more. Below are some of the signs of these repairs!

Unusual Engine Sounds

If you are hearing a sputtering sound, it is the sign of an improperly maintained carburetor or clogged air filter. If this sound is emitted by the engine, then a more severe issue is occurring.

Difficulty Maneuvering

Are you noticing that your tractor has become harder to maneuver? If so, it might have a malfunctioning propulsion system. This is an in-depth repair that requires a specialist.

Discolored Emissions

Be aware of the various colors your tractor makes. Black smoke could occur if the carburetor is burning excessive diesel, and blue smoke could appear if your tractor is burning too much oil.

There are various ways that your harvest can be compromised but do not let it be because of this equipment! There are many different ways this equipment can become compromised so find the help of a reliable farming repair specialist to get the job done! We offer quality repairs for any brand planter, tractor, and combines at an affordable rate. Come get the best agricultural repair in the area and give our shop a call today!